Vichawan Sakulsupich

Centre for Atmospheric Science, University of Cambridge


Centre for

Atmospheric Science

Department of Chemistry

University of Cambridge

14 Union Rd

Cambridge CB2 1EZ, UK

Hi, I’m Vichawan but I also go by Print, currently working on a PhD project at the Centre for Atmospheric Science on sulfate aerosol formation and its role in the climate. I am an aligned studen for the Artificial Intelligence for Environmental Risks (AI4ER)

  • I’m interested in
    • working with climate model data and understanding the climate and aerosol interactions. I have been working with the UKESM1 model outputs but plan to expand to other models in the future.
    • air quality and dealing with missing data in observations.
  • I also have some experience in working with the Weather Research and Forecasting (WRF) model, specifically in compiling the source code and data visualisation. The main programming language I use is python for working with multi-dimensional array datasets.

  • 🌱 I’m currently learning more techniques to visualise and analyse climate model data. Machine learning for climate data analysis is another area I am keen on.

  • 💞️ I’m looking to collaborate on research on sulfate aerosols and aerosol-cloud interaction.


Nov 16, 2023 Added IGAC ECR virtual conference poster
Aug 4, 2023 Appointed as WCRP CMIP’s Fresh Eyes on CMIP Data Access Co-lead
Jun 19, 2023 Awarded the Foundation Grant by the Funds for Women Graduate educational charity
Nov 9, 2022 Created this page!

selected publications

  1. The crucial role of density functional nonlocality and on-axis CH 3 NH 3 rotation induced I 2 formation in hybrid organic-inorganic CH 3 NH 3 PbI 3 cubic perovskite
    Rakchat Klinkla, Vichawan Sakulsupich, Teerachote Pakornchote, and 2 more authors
    Scientific reports 2018